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TIME TBD Opening Remarks A word from our founders master of ceremonies intro - Objectives goals and what to expect
TIME TBD The Digital Ecom Startup Blueprint Ecommerce might feel like it's been around forever, but in reality, now is STILL the best time to be building an ecommerce business. This talk will teach you today's most successful paths to ecommerce profits, detailing for you, the core components you need NAIL in order to build a product, brand, and strategy gains traction, stability, and ongoing momentum. Daniel Snow has perfected the product/brand building process to the tune of $45 Million sales of his own products. Daniel's understanding of highly viral content and pefectly positioned brands will be distilled into the ultimate action plan for digital ecom startups in 2020. Daniel Snow
TIME TBD Owning Your Customer's Experience Your ecommerce business will only be as good as your customers' experience. Digital Startup will teach you the exact steps you need to take to attract, engage, and always delight your customers. As a digital startup entrepreneur, your ability to create efficient processes are ultimately what allows you to scale. Follow ecommerce and customer relationship management specialist Philippe Roireaux as he shares the exact system used by thousands of the world's top brands, that allows you control the entire customer experience from a single console. Phil Roireaux
TIME TBD Build a $100MM Ecommerce Brand in 2020 Ten years ago, the idea that a person could build a $100MM brand in 5 years with a small team would be crazy. Today it's a realistic goal of ecommerce startup entpreneurs like Josh Elizetxe, a Digital Startup Headliner! Josh has been building the unicorn teeth whitening and oral care brand, for the past 5 years. His products are repped by the world's top influencers and grace the shelves of Costco. In this ground breaking Headline talk, Josh will explain the tactical actions and mindset shifts that have allowed him to scale through each challenging revenue plateau $1MM ->$5MM -> $10MM ->$50MM ->Unicorn Status. Josh Elizetxe
TIME TBD The Tao of Direct Response and Straight Sale Direct response marketing hasn't always had a perfect reputation, but no one has ever questioned its effectiveness. Whether you're building out landing pages for your ecommerce products or trying to sqeeze extra sales from Facebook with a tight angle and sales page, the direct response approach, when used correctly can ad jet fuel to ecommerce brand's engine. Learn from Direct response legend Chris as he surfaces the highest leverage tactics he uses to drive conversion rates through the roof. Chris Armstrong
TIME TBD Understanding Capital and Building Brand Equity that Grows Many marketing based digital startups have focused on bootstrapping their projects through direct performance. This can sometimes lead to short sighted projects that don't create long term value. Capital is the life blood of all industry and access to it has never been easier. Learn how to leverage your skills and your industriousness into capital you can use to build better brands and products that allow your business to grow faster. Chase Harmer and Pay Certify have provided the back end merchant processing for billions in ecommerce revenue. Few people understand how money flows, and how to best leverage it to make more. Chase will highlight the best opportunities to raise capital and the best uses for it for digital startups in 2020.
TIME TBD The Psychology of High Ticket Ecommerce Learn the psychology of high ticket ecommerce from Ashar Alam, who has generated over $410,000,000 in high ticket sales using seminars and live events for our clients over the last 4 years. He'll be sharing the exact ad and targeting framework and the simple 4 step funnel they use that works like clockwork for their clients. Ashar Alam
TIME TBD Ecommerce List Building Empire If you’re running and growing an online store, you’re likely building an email list. And if you are, you might have noticed something marketers rarely mention Sure, writing guest posts and creating lead magnets are excellent list building strategies (to name a few). But how many busy e-tailers have the time to invest in them?In truth, you don’t need 100+ ways to grow your email list. Rather, you need a few strategies that you can master and continually optimize over time…And that’s what you’ll learn today. Gabriella Rapone
TIME TBD The Power Of Subcribtion Base Billing Limelight Ecommerce Panel Panel
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TIME TBD Opening Remarks A word from our founders master of ceremonies intro - Objectives goals and what to expect
TIME TBD Scale a How to Scale a Media Buying Empire Many people learn digital marketing by affiliate marketing first. Its low barrier to entry and its reliance on data makes it an ideal training ground for media buyers. A good media buyer has a lot of options, and for those who aren't interested in building products themselves, the ecom agency route is a great way to go. New amazing brands and products are coming to market every day, and most have no idea how to execute a high scale Facebook Ads campaign. In this section you'll learn step by step, how to master many different traffic platforms to scale ecommerce brands. You'll also learn the steps to take if you want to build out your own Digital Agency. Chandler Welling embodies this journey better than most, starting as an affiliate, and now running one of the fastest growing ecommerce agencies in the world. Chandler Welling
TIME TBD Facebook Ads: CBO Mastery and The Keys to Consistency The only thing consistent with Facebook Ads is change. CBO may have been delayed but the alogorithm wants to control everything, so you know it's coming. Your ads can be flying one day and dying the next and the cycle repeats again and again. This section is about the Keys to consistency with Facebook Ad. Step by Step, learn how to gain better control over your costs, quality and volume by embracing CBO and using rules to scale your campaigns automatically. Nick Shackleford has been on the front lines of 8 and 9 figure campaigns many times, and he's coming with war stories and a deep knowledge of the algortithm and how to feed it what it needs to get results that scale. Nick Shackelford
TIME TBD The System for Better Sales Copy EVERY Time At the core of digital marketing you'll find a skill as old as Shakespeare. Copywriting stands the test of time as the single greatest foundational skill for any digital startup entrepreneur. Copywriting is literally mind control, and those who master writing to sell will always be in high demand. In this section you'll learn Stefan Georgi's systematic and easily implementable method for better sales copy every time. Stefan's methods are responsible for over $400MM in sales and he's bringing his best examples of high leverage sales copy and providing a deep dive into exactly how to implement his repeatable system. Stefan Georgi
TIME TBD YouTube is Facebook 5 Years Ago for Ecom Marketers When it comes to Ecommerce, most people's first thoughts are Facebook Ads. However the most media buyers we know wish things were like Facebook five years ago, with a little less competition and a little less congestion on the feed. This section is all about how YouTube now is as good or better than Facebook Ads was five years ago. It took a while for media buyers to crack YouTube for ecommerce but the door is open and the floodgates are about to start pouring, so now is the time to learn how to leverage YouTube's extremely high intent, highly engaged traffic into massive ecommerce sales for your campaigns. Learn from hidden YouTube giant Craig Graham as he lays out his step by step method for targeting and converting customers at scale on Google Ads and YouTube. Craig Graham
TIME TBD Off the Beaten Path: Mastering Twitter and Pinterest for Ecom The world of traffic goes well beyond Facebook and Google. With the right implementations and strategies the returns on platforms like Twitter and Pinterest can be ROAS rich goldmines for ecommerce media buyers. In this section, Toronto marketing legend Gauher Chaudhry lays out his exact strategies for high converting Twitter and Pinterest ecommerce funnels to diversify your media buying mix and find more profit. Gauher Chaudhry
TIME TBD SMS: The Most Direct Channel To Your Customer SMS is the most personal channel available to any marketer. Read rates are rarely below 100% and clickthrough rates can be jaw dropping. Brands who master this channel and implement it correctly can will see incremeental revenue spikes of 20%-30%. In this section, taught by PostScript co-founder Alex Beller you'll learn how to build SMS campaigns that delight, and convert without ever feeling too intrusive. Alex Beller
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