One Stop Shop for Growth in the Fast Lane.

With new ecommerce brands breaking onto your newsfeed every day, and with many of them being straight up bad at digital marketing, the opportunity to build a high performance, high growth digital agency has never been better.

Canada’s first & only event of this type offers performance focused digital marketing agencies a once in a lifetime opportunity to establish themselves in the Canadian market.

Entrepreneurial media buyers with ambitions of building amazing teams, servicing amazing clients are creating agencies that quickly grow from 1 to 5, to 20, and in some cases 100’s of employees. Just as established ecommerce investors are HUNGRY to acquire profitable DTC brands, giant agencies are acquiring profitable upstart agencies every day. This is the reality that Digital Startup was created to support.

Learn from Agency icons who’ve scaled their teams as fast as they’ve scaled their Facebook campaigns and get their step-by-step blueprint for acquiring and retaining both high value clients AND high value employees.

Looking for an edge on your competition in terms of traffic and content? Digital Startup will provide you step-by-step technical tactics for structuring and scaling Facebook, Google Adwords, SnapChat, Pinterest, and TikTok campaigns, along in-depth tutorials on high engagement creative and funnel copy to help you close the deal.

Some of the most disruptive innovation is being driven by agile agencies with a pioneering vision of the future of marketing. Digital Startup welcomes the most ambitious agencies, connecting them with leading brands, tech companies, media buyers, mentors and partners.

Conversations on the Cutting-Edge.

Digital Startup was created to help internet companies discover and master cutting-edge, category-leading, product and marketing strategies. To back up those high level strategies, each speaker has been instructed to provide only ACTIONABLE tactics with full transparency about the actual steps each entrepreneur has used to scale their own business to 7, 8 or 9 figures.

  • Expect a carefully curated agenda, featuring the top media buyers, brand owners, and digital agency entrepreneurs.
  • Expect complete access via Q/A sessions and “Meet the Speakers” networking opportunities.
  • Expect insanely valuable content and ZERO sales pitches.
  • Expect to be able to implement strategies DURING the show that will PAY for your event ticket before you even leave the show.

Your Network is Your Net Worth.

The world of digital marketing boasts an incredible community, with widely shared values of transparency, openness, and helping fellow entrepreneurs. Unlike legacy industries fighting for scraps of shrinking markets our mindset is one of abundance. By bringing together industry visionaries to share their stories and strategies, Digital Startup aims to kickstart conversations and make connections that bring true value to attendees

Serendipity Sessions

One of the lesser talked about, but totally irreplaceable things about in-person training events is SERENDIPITY. At any event you attend, you have the chance to meet a person that launches a new chapter of your business. With that in mind we’ve structured each day to provide opportunities to meet and network with both speakers and other attendees.

Can’t get enough networking? Stick around for day three which will be filled by open houses hosted by local tech companies, agencies and brands. Then on Friday night, take your social skills to the next level as you relax and unwind with the summer’s most highly anticipated networking party for digital marketers.

Who else will be there?.

  • Fast growing ecommerce brands from canada & the world.
  • Service providers that specialize in providing white-label services to agencies.
  • Top brands and C-level executives from enterprises and growth stage startups.
  • Representatives from the largest traffic sources you leverage for your clients.
  • Up and coming agency owners who are looking to learn from their peers and pass on the knowledger.

The What, the When, & the How .


If you’re a marketing professional, agency owner, consultant, or entrepreneur, Digital Startup is YOUR event.

With only 300 tickets available, tickets will sell out fast. Take advantage of our time based ticket prices and buy your ticket now, because once the ticket price rises, it’s not coming down.

You do not want to miss this event which will come to be a perennial highlight of your business learning and networking calendar.


Attendee Pass - Limited Time Offer!

$297 $897

2 Days of deep insights into ecommerce scaling strategies, branding, organic traffic, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, copywriting, list building and LOTS more!


Attendee Pass

$497 $897

2 Days of deep insights into ecommerce scaling strategies, branding, organic traffic, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, copywriting, list building and LOTS more!


Attendee Pass


2 Days of deep insights into ecommerce scaling strategies, branding, organic traffic, Facebook Ads, YouTube Ads, copywriting, list building and LOTS more!